Since 1989, the company specializes in the production of interior items and traditional Kazakh utensils in the national style-Kazakh folding tables, national cabinet’s and closet’s for storing dishes and things-asadal, kebezhe, chests of various sizes.

The main purpose of the furniture is to furnish and decorate yurts and various rooms in the traditional Kazakh style.

Also, the main direction is the production of national dishes-astau-dish for serving beshbarmak, various bowls and plates, kumyz sets, devices for serving meat and various products and dishes.

The traditional Kazakh cradle-Besik is one of the important and unusual household items, which is very popular among young families who buy it for the birth of a child.

Great emphasis is placed on the production of souvenir and gift items on the theme of Kazakh epics — wall panels of various shapes and designs, small and large, wall and table, three-dimensional carving.

All products are author’s developments of the company, exclusive in their execution, in compliance with all technological standards, while using their secrets and practices, years of experience and knowledge of woodworking.

Certificate of quality LLP “BLACK” and copyright

We confirm the high quality of our products with a special “quality Certificate” which is also a guarantee of the authenticity of the product. Products, their name, design and manufacturing technologies are patented and protected by the intellectual property Committee of the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The name of the “Black” organization and the logo is a TRADEMARK REGISTERED IN the state REGISTER of KAZAKHSTAN with the exclusive ownership of LLP “Black”.

Any official or unofficial use of confidential data without the consent of «Black» is PROHIBITED and constitutes a VIOLATION of trademark LAW, copyright, other intellectual property rights, or unfair competition law.


Kazakhstan national production “Black” company welcomes you.

We have the honor to present you a short essay about us and our products.

We hope for your location, and we will be glad to see You in the ranks of our clients and partners.

Since 1989

An enterprise was organized in Kokshetau and the first team of wood carvers was assembled. Workshops are being built.

Since 1997

Own workshops, 800 m2! For the first time the company is reviving the production of national Kazakh dish – astau, tabac, tegesh, ozhau and more. The center of masters of applied arts and Handicrafts was also Opened.

Since 2002

The territory of the «Black» has been expanded. Start of construction of the first “Black” exhibition hall in 250 sq. m.

Since 2005

Opening of the new Exhibition Salon “Black”! The salon is of great interest among the population and becomes a local landmark of Kokshetau.

Since 2007

The additional workshop area of 2300 m2 has been expanded. Purchase of new equipment.

Since 2011

Development of new production - production of houses from glued beams. Presented subsidiary LLP "BLACK" - Kokshetau Factory of Wooden Housing construction (KWHC)!

Since 2013

«Black» opens its first branch in Almaty. Additional workshops were opened of 600 m2.

Since 2014

The capital branch of Astana opened its doors to visitors.

Since 2015

Kokshetau Plant has built more than 70 residential and non-residential facilities from laminated veneer lumber.

Since 2016

The Kokshetau Plant has reoriented its capacity and completely directed its field of activity to the production of Kazakh household items and tableware by LLP «Black»

Since 2017

A new trade and exhibition area and office space in the «Black» building were opened. Kokshetau Plant was renamed LLP "Astau KZ".

Since 2018

Online store Astau.kz launched with delivery of goods throughout Kazakhstan. Start of construction of a new factory “Black” in 3000 sq. m. Expanded distribution network in the cities of Almaty, Aktau, Shymkent, Taraz, Aktobe, Kyzylorda.

Since 2019

Completion of the reconstruction of the first factory in the history of Kazakhstan for the production of national wood products! Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the “Black” company!

Diplomas and awards

  • The diploma of 7-th International exhibition “Furniture and interior”.
  • The author of the award Nikitenko Yu.Е. Grand Prix 2002
  • Gold medal at the international exhibition “Furniture and interior” in Almaty
  • Diploma for “Best documentary about the company”
  • Participation in the program “Соmmunity connections” in the United States for experience exchange 2003.
  • Medal for special labor merits before the state “Eren enbegi USN”
  • The winner of the Republican contest in the nomination “the Best organization of work in sphere of national art crafts” 2004
  • The winner of the regional contest “Best goods of Kazakhstan” in 2005.
  • The winner in the nomination “the Best works of applied art” in 2005
  • The winner of the Republican contest “For achievements in the development of small business in the nomination “the Best organization of work in sphere of national art crafts” in 2005
  • Winner of the regional contest “Best entrepreneur of the year in the sphere of folk arts and crafts” in 2008
  • Evidence of national quality mark “Perfect”
  • Diploma for participation in the contest “Best product of Kazakhstan”, I place in the category “Goods for the population”, 2012
  • Certificate for participation in the exhibition of fine decorative art, in the framework of the Days of culture of Akmola region Astana, 2012
  • Diploma for the I place in the nomination “consumer Goods” of the domestic producers in the framework of the third Eurasian Women Summit (EWS-3), 2012
  • National Certificate and awarded the honorary title of “Leader of Kazakhstan 2013” – the company entered the “Top 25” ccea 16.29.2 among the enterprises of small and medium business
  • The order “Glory of Kazakhstan” 2013 “For outstanding labour achievements and merits before Fatherland”
  • Gold Medal “Leader of Kazakhstan” – 2013 in the framework of the project “national business rating of Kazakhstan”
  • Laureate diploma of the first stage of International economic competition “company of the Year 2013”, the activity “Production of traditional national products”
  • The certificate of incorporation of the LLP “BLACK  in the Register of Business partners of the Interregional Financial and Economic Union (MFES)
  • The certificate “the Participant of the International Central Asian crafts fair 2013”. Awards for professionalism of the presented exposition.
  • The winner of the regional contest “Best goods for the population 2014”
  • The diploma of 3 degrees “Altyn Sapa 2014”, “the hottest product for the population”
  • Wall medal “Leader of industry”, 2015, in the framework of the project “national business rating of Kazakhstan”
  • The order “the Pride of the Economy” in 2015, within the framework of the project “national business rating of Kazakhstan”
  • Medal “For merit”, 2015, in the framework of the project “national business rating of Kazakhstan”
  • Diploma of the participant of the Republican exhibition “Made in Kazakhstan” 2016
  • Diploma for the I place in the nomination “Best entrepreneur of the year” in Akmola regional competition “For achievements in the development of small and medium-sized businesses in 2016.”
  • Diploma of the participant of the Republican exhibition “Made in Kazakhstan” 2017
  • Certificates and letters of appreciation.